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This challenge is specifically set towards those that have not had the opportunity to sew a garment/object by hand. This challenge is NOT a competion, merely a place for new handsewers to document their progress and seek feedback and help, and to challenge themselves. Sewers that are experienced in hand stitching items will not be excluded, but this is meant as a chance for those with no experience in this realm to get a start.The Challenge I propose is that all persons joining the challenge pick a garment or object of textile nature, no matter how small or large, i.e. a pilgrim bag, a Coif or any type of hat, socks, flag, gloves etc., and have at least one form of documentation for its existence during the SCA time period. Acceptable forms of documentation for this project will be paintings/woodcuts/drawings with the desired object in it or a picture of the desired object.The challenge starts first of June and will end one year later. People can join the challenge at any time during this year. Those of you with handsewing experience are invited to follow the blog, and leave comments and feedback as the challenge progresses. The challenge is based in Drachenwald, but is open to all kingdoms.
If you would like to join the challenge (and the blog) please email me at to be added!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Handsewing tip of the Week (#2)

Making eylets easier!

Eyelets and buttonholes can be a bit scary, but a few steps can make them look better and last longer!

1. Space them from 3/4ths of an inch to an inch apart. This is near enough that there aren't any crazy gaps, but far enough away that you don't end up spending the rest of your life working on one dress :-D

2. Secure the fabric: This makes your eyelet/buttonhole area stronger and prevents pulling. On either side of where you're putting your eyelets, run a row of running stitch:
l 0 l
l 0 l
l 0 l
l 0 l

3. Secure the eyelet: before sewing the eyelet, stitch around where the eyelet will be with a running stitch. This helps prevent slippage.

4. Use silk cording or buttonhole cord for stronger eyelets, or use the threads unravelled from the same fabric as the garment to make "invisible" stitching on your eyelets.

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Annora said...

If you do use threads pulled from the fabric, be sure to wax them!